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4.5L V8, auto, fuel injected, dual overhead cam, dual exhaust

I bid on this car at an Antique Automobile Club of America auction at Hershey on October 9th, 2004, and much to my surprise I won the car.  I may have been set up by some plants in the audience but that's another story.  I can't say she was a very practical car on which to bid since I ended up having a total of only six seats among the three different cars I owned, lolam. 

The body was straight, and cosmetically the entire car was in very good condition.  She chugged a little bit at first but a new set of Bosch plugs and a right bank cam shaft took care of that.  She drove really nice, one finger on the wheel going down the interstate at 65 mph. This car loved to run fast, and was made for the Autobahn.  The hardtop was removeable and there is a brand new navy blue soft top in the boot underneath.   

This is a pic right after I drove the car home, with  the auction paperwork still stuck on the windshield.

Hardtop removed, ragtop in place.


Car was heavy and acceleration was "stately" off the line, but impressive from a 60 mph roll.  Lots of torque.

I think these lines were about as clean & classic as you could find in a two-seater.  

Made in Germany, made in Japan.  Wasn't this at one time the original "Axis of Evil?"  Where did they learn how to make such good cars? 

And why the heck do we have such a hard time at it?

I loved this car but needed some practicality in my life, so I sold it and bought a Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck.

  • fixed convertible top release and lock
  • Bosch heavy duty battery
  • Bosch spark plugs
  • Autocraft plastic battery tray and rubber hold down
  • new R bank camshaft
  • new timing chain
  • new spark plug wires
  • replaced fuel injection line
  • charged A/C with bootleg "old style" freon from Mexico
  • rotors turned, brake pedal now smooth as silk :c)
  • Blaupunkt PCxb402 4" 2-way speakers in dash
  • OEM points
  • OEM fuel filter, fuel line