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This 1987 z31 has been in my family since new off the showroom floor.  My brother-in-law bought it for my younger sister, as a present.  She drove it mostly in Florida, and then parked it for years in her driveway in Virginia back in 1997.  The car accumulated mostly Interstate miles on her frequent commutes between the west coast and east coast of Florida.  She did a good job of keeping the oil changed.  After seeing the car sit in her driveway for years, I asked her if I could "refresh" it, and she gave the car to me.  This car has a single turbo, not a twin turbo like the z32.

I love the lines from this view :c)  The box with my Eibach Pro-Kit springs can be barely seen in the hatch.

This car has the infamous digital dash option.  A lot of the digital readouts were not working when I first got the car.  The dealer wanted >$600 for a new power supply box.  Instead, I found a kid who was an electronics student at the local community college.  He resoldered the circuit board and the dash has worked perfectly since.   Final price, 40 bucks. 

I decided to have fun with this car.  I was originally modding the interior for an old girlfriend.  She is long gone but the car remains, lol.  I redid the interior door trim, the headliner, and the rear speaker covers in red leopard fleece.  I added cup holders and the "Johnny Bravo Chick Magnet" on the passenger dash to complete the effect.    I later bought a red tiger fleece dash cover on eBay.

I get more compliments on the interior of this car than I do my other Z, because of its gadgets, digital displays, and "kitch" interior.  This Z had a lot more interior options, like the digital dash, a driver's seat with five inflatable air bladders for adjustment, tilt steering wheel, ambient temperature gauge, steering wheel controls for the stereo and cruise control, graphic equalizer built into the stock OEM stereo, hidden storage compartment behind the seats, and three-way electronic adjustable shocks (the z32 had two-way).  

I finally gave up on my OEM shocks even though I hated losing the adjustablity on the fly from inside the cabin.  But the orignal shocks and springs were mush and OEM replacements were not available, despite waiting more than a year for a boat from Japan, lol.  This Z is also more comfortable on the highway, and holds more cargo than my twin turbo.  I'm planning to mod this Z and get her nearer the performance of my z32.

In 2006, someone broke into my garage and keyed the sh*t out the body, and stole all my hand tools.  So she needs a new paint job but still runs like a champ.  

Sitting on the shelf:

  • Southbend "FE" Feramic Full Face Stage V clutch
  • Hallman manual boost controller
  • Nissan Service Manual
  • rear hatch struts