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This was the first year I attended Le Mans.  After years (and years) of attending the race in Sebring, Florida, I decided to change venues and watch the same style of racing at Le Mans.  Sebring is part of the American Le Mans Series.  Le Mans is where it all started.   Sebring has traditionally been sort of the testing ground for Le Mans.  Many of the same cars and teams that run at Sebring each year cross the pond to compete at Le Mans, France.  The winner of Sebring in March would be a good pick for the winner of Le Mans in June, which in fact did happen during this year's race.  

Uh, yeah, pic of sign at the Montparnasse train station in Paris. Click here for larger photo.

This TVR train deserved a pic since it took me the fastest I have ever travelled on ground. The Paris to Le Mans leg took less than one hour. I think we hit over 200 kph.  The same trip on the regular RER trains takes over three hours.

Ferris wheel at the track provided a few good photo ops. Click  

Fifty cars started the race, 23 DNF (did not finish).  There are four classes of cars racing on the track at the same time.

I tired zooming in on the big screen and taking pics to use as my own, but the pixel on pixel effect created a lot of distortion, lolam.  Click

Aston Martin Racing - Aston Martin, 2nd place GT1, 6th place overall.  You gotta love an Aston Martin with the numbers "007," as in James Bond for the uninitiated. 

Pescarolo Sport - Pescarolo-Judd, 2nd place overall and LMP1.  

Pierre Bruneau - Pilbeam-Judd, LMP2, 27th overall.  This car finished last of all cars that did finish, but just finishing is an acomplishment.  Twenty-three cars DNF.    Click

RML - MG-Lola, 1st place in LMP2, 8th place overall. 

This is Le Mans style racing.  Lola in rear finished 1st in LMP2 class and 8th overall, while Panoz in front finished 1st in GT2 class and 15th overall.    Click


Jloc Isao Noritake - Lamborghini Murcielago, GT1, 23rd place overall. 

Corvette Racing - Corvette, 1st place GT1, 4th place overall.

ACBMCO Motorsports - Saleen, 11th place overall, GT1.  This was one of my favorite looking cars. Click

Alphand Adventures - Corvette, 3rd place GT1, 7th place overall.

Audi Sport Team Joest - Audi R10, LMP1.  This Audi was the overall winner and also won at Sebring three months earlier.   Amazingly, the engine is a diesel.

Team LNT - Panoz Esperante, 1st place in GT2, 15th place overall.

Audi Pavillion


Shot across track to the Karting Nord camping area, reminiscent for me of Sebring's "Swamp."

This was the closest I got to a "Z sighting" at Le Mans.  The parking lot contained an amazing collection of cars not commonly seen in the states.

Choppers at the  BeerMountain camping site.

There are four different classes of cars racing on the track at the same time.  

Ferris wheel had a great view of the track

Mean green machine. Click

More interclass racing

Retail Village


RML - MG-Lola, 1st place in LMP2, 8th place overall.

Barazi Epsiolon - Courage-AER, LMP2, 21st overall.

Corvette Racing -Corvette, GT1, 12th overall.

ACBMCO Motorsports - Saleen, 11th place overall, GT1.

Your overall winner, a diesel powered Audi R10.

Team LNT - Panoz Esperante, 1st place in GT2, 15th place overall.

Aston Martin Racing - 5th place in GT1, 10th place overall.